James Dunk, Bedlam at Botany Bay

James Dunk, Bedlam at Botany Bay NewSouth Books, 2019, 244 pp. (plus notes, select bibliography and index), ISBN: 9781742236179, p/bk, AUS$34.99   Looking at the great corpus of works that exist on Australia’s colonial history, there are so many available...

James Phelps, Australian Heist

James Phelps, Australian Heist HarperCollins Publishers, 2018, 351 pp., ISBN: 9781460756232, h/bk, AUS$39.99 New, from one of Australia’s most popular, and prolific, true crime writers James Phelps, is Australian Heist (2018). Phelps tells the story of how a gang of...

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