Ross Gibson, The Criminal Re-Register

Ross Gibson, The Criminal Re-Register The University of Western Australia Publishing, 2017, 152 pp., ISBN: 9781742589558, p/bk, AUS$22.99 Ross Gibson’s new work, The Criminal Re-Register (2017) from University of Western Australia Publishing, is a fabulous...

Pip Smith, Half Wild

Pip Smith, Half Wild Allen & Unwin, 2017, ISBN 9781760294649, pp1-390. During the winter of 1920, Sydney was gripped by the spectacularly scandalous story of Eugenia Falleni. Falleni had for many years pretended to be a man called Harry Crawford. Harry was small...

Louis Nowra, Woolloomooloo, A Biography,

Louis Nowra, Woolloomooloo, A Biography New South Publishing, University of New South Wales, 2017, pp1-334, ISBN 9781742234953 (paperback) Local histories of suburbs or villages can be yawningly dull and somewhat parochial. What is of interest and deep meaning to the...

Lisa Murray, Sydney Cemeteries: A Field Guide

Lisa Murray, Sydney Cemeteries, A Field Guide  NewSouth, Sydney, 2016, paperback $34.99 Written by Dr Lisa Murray (the City of Sydney Historian, the Dictionary’s former chair, a Dictionary author and one of our regular radio presenters on 2SER), with gorgeous...

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