Antonia Pesenti & Hilary Bell, Summer Time

NewSouth, October 2019, 44pp, h/bk, ISBN: 9781742236070, RRP: AUD$24.99

Summertime is a tale of reminiscence, of the best summer activities that prompt happy thoughts. and hint at possibilities for any family looking for a summer day idea, planned or impromptu. A gorgeous collaborative picture book by writer Hilary Bell and artist Antonia Pesenti, this is a gentle guide for making new memories in the minds of the young, and the not so young.

From the flapping of everything in its reach as the fan chugs into action (always switched on high at the start), to the summer beach shack complete with the ever-present sand and books and more sand, each beautifully uncluttered page plays out a single thought that defines the Australian summer.

Presenti’s delightful images and Bell’s carefully considered words explore that idea of the summer holidays – of time and more time, stretching out over the holidays for those who are lucky enough to kick back and enjoy, complete with the hazards of nature and excessive swimming.

A warm and inviting book for reading with young children (and for those who will be made nostalgic for their own childhood summers).

Reviewed by Andrea Sturgeon, Education Officer, Learning Services, State Library of NSW, December 2019

For further details and some great free Teachers’ Notes on the book, visit the publisher’s website here

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