The Dictionary of Sydney is a rich source of history for students and teachers and we are pleased to extend our resources to include units of study for primary and secondary students.

We believe that an understanding of Australian history cultivates a rich foundation for school students to acquire an understanding of global perspectives and to honour our past and present heritage.



A key component of the general capabilities outlined in the Australian curriculum is promoting critical and creative thinking. Our primary units of study integrate key inquiry questions suggested in the syllabus and include teaching and learning experiences based on CREATE: Appreciation for Learning Theory .

Developed by Christina Aloisio (MEdLead, BTeachLib, DipArts).


Our secondary programs are based on Dictionary of Sydney articles. These programs include a PDF of the program outlining the activity and in some cases, as indicated, resources that have been developed to support the program. Each program outlines the links to both the Australian Curriculum and the current NSW Syllabus and includes key inquiry questions, an estimation of the time required to complete the activities, and appropriate hyperlinks to the Dictionary of Sydney.

Developed by Prudence MacLeod for the Dictionary of Sydney with support from the Sydney Mechanic School of Arts.


PIc: Children in classroom at Blackfriars Public School c1913 Source: State Records New South Wales (15051_a047_001280.jpg)

PIc: Children in classroom at Blackfriars Public School c1913 Source: State Records New South Wales 15051_a047_001280


Depth Study Resources
Making A Better World –
Movement of Peoples
Life on board and Plotting the journey (ACDSEH083)
Lives are changed (ACDSEH084)
Impact (ACDSEH085)
Pemulwuy and Bennelong (ACDSEH085)
The many hats of early contact (ACDSEH085)
Australia and Asia –
Making a Nation
Stolen Generations (ACDSEH020)
19th century Chinese migration (ACDSEH089)
World War I
Propaganda, conscription and treatment of Germans (ACDSEH096)
The ANZAC legend is born (ACDSEH097)
The impact of the war on returned soldiers/civilians (ACDSEH110)
World War II
Women’s changing place (ACDSEH109)
The Globalising World – Migration experiences
Vietnamese migration (ACDSEH146)



Depth Study Resources
Investigating the Ancient Past
Investigating Australia’s Ancient Past (ACDSEH031)
Year Level Resources
Critical and Creative Thinking Theory – outline
Resource (PDF 278kb)
What is my history and how do I know?
How can stories of the past be told and shared?
Resource (PDF 215kb)
Year 1
How can we show that the present is different from or similar to the past?
Resource (PDF 213kb)
Year 2
What aspects of the past can you see today?
What do they tell us?
Resource (PDF 220kb)
Year 3
How has our community changed?
What features have been lost and what features have been retained?
Resource (PDF 225kb)
Year 4
Why did the Europeans settle in Australia?
Resource (PDF 232kb)
Year 5
What were the significant events and who were the significant people that shaped Australia’s colonies?
Resource (PDF 225kb)
Year 6
Why and how did Australia become a nation?
Resource (PDF 216kb)

Detail from MS Hill's 1888 map 'The City of Sydney',  a birds-eye view over the city looking to the south and west across Darling Harbour.

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