Second Fleet Project

The Dictionary of Sydney was successful in securing a grant from the Australian National Maritime Museum through the Maritime Museums of Australia Project Support Scheme (MMAPPSS) to produce seven new entries on the Second Fleet.

The new entries include a thematic essay, Second Fleet, by Michael Flynn as well as articles encompassing the voyage of the ships Lady Juliana, HMS Guardian, Surprize, Neptune, Scarborough and the store ship Justinian by Penny Edwell.

The previous MMAPSS grant the Dictionary received resulted in the publication of 11 entries on the First Fleet. That project can be viewed here.

We are grateful to the Australian National Maritime Museum for their assistance in increasing our coverage of the Second Fleet.


The Scarborough, detail from Plate VI in ‘Voyage from New South Wales to Canton, in the year 1788 : with views of the islands discovered’, Thomas Gilbert, 1789, Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales (DSM/Q981/26A1)

Detail from MS Hill's 1888 map 'The City of Sydney',  a birds-eye view over the city looking to the south and west across Darling Harbour.